Here are the instructions to download your free picture. Please read all of the instructions before clicking on the link:

1. Click on this link to go to the gallery:

2. Open the gallery, and scroll down to find your picture.

3. Click on your picture to open it up.

4. In the upper right hand corner is a button that says “Buy Photo.” Click on it. (You will not be asked for any credit card information unless you choose to order prints.)

5. When the “Choose Item” panel opens, choose “Digital Media.”

6. You may add one “Full Resolution” digital picture download to your cart for free. At checkout, add promo code “CATALYST” for the free picture. (You can add as many social media sized, low resolution downloads to your cart as you would like for free.

7. You will need to fill in the rest of the order information as if they were going to mail you the pictures, but the link will be emailed to you when you are done.

8. Enjoy your picture.

9. You may also choose to order a high quality fine art print directly from the gallery. Use promo code “BEP30” to receive a 30% discount on any purchase made through the gallery, courtesy of Bob Evarts Photography,